NYC Paws Authority is synonymous with high quality pet care and a commitment to continuous improvement. Put simply, our customers trust us to meet their pet care needs and we strive to exceed their expectations, in everything that we do.

Therefore, if Kitty needs to go to the groomer’s and you just cannot make it...
Pooch has not been for a walk since early morning, and you have a late appointment...
Last minute, out of town meeting, and you need to board...

These are just a few reasons to have a trusted reliable pet care service readily available.

We understand the demands placed on pets and their owners living in New York City and therefore tailor our services to be able to provide peace of mind, confidence, and trust, with:

- Skilled and compassionate walkers, sitters and boarders that are genuine pet lovers
- Daily text messages or email updating your pet’s status
- Flexibility in scheduling to keep up with the fast pace of New York City living
- We never skimp on the love!

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Dog Walking

You can create an enriched social world for your pet(s), when you allow us to help manage your animal's alone time. We provide invigorating walks, playtime and companionship, when you cannot be there.

Our dog walkers are all experienced, knowledgeable, and loving caregivers, empathetic to your pet(s) complex emotional needs.

Animal behaviorists agree that dogs need environmental stimulation, just as humans do. Because we love and understand all things furry, let us help you and your pet(s) have more enjoyable, stress-free days!

Dog Sitting

When you prefer to have your pet in the familiar surroundings of your home, we can provide daily visits by a trained and experienced sitter, which will come to your home, and take your pooch(es) out for stimulating walks, feed and change water, and provided play and emotional security while you are away.

Cat Sitting

Although cats can be very independent at times, they also need attention, love, and playtime. A pet sitter will be scheduled to visit your cat and feed, change water and clean Kitty’s litter box. Your sitter will also brush and play your cat's favorite games: laser, cat dancer, fetch... whatever makes Kitty happy!

Pet Boarding

Come home to a happier, healthier pet when experienced and knowledgeable pet sitters board dogs, cats, birds, and exotics in the comfort and safety of their private, CAGE-FREE homes in Brooklyn. Your pet is fed according to your feeding schedule; dogs will be walked 3-4 times a daily. Everyone will receive an abundance of love and attention. It is very rewarding to hear a customer say, “When we got home, Poochy was so happy and excited, thank you!”

Ask about our overnight and/or our full 24-hour rates. Reservations, only. Call 24-hours in advance to ensure a reservation. Pet taxi is available for pick-ups and drop-offs.

Pet Taxi

When you schedule a trip with NYC Paws Authority, there is no more worrying about if a cab will pick up you and your pet! We take the guesswork out! If you are unable to accompany your pet to any appointment, a qualified pet sitter will escort your pet to the groomer, vet, play dates, boarding or anywhere! Please, try to schedule pet taxi at least 24 hours in advance.

Added Service

Turning on and off lights, plant watering, mail retrieving.

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and Cash accepted

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"GREAT SERVICE!!!! Very personable. As a parent, I feel my babies are safe in their capable hands!"
S. Hall

"I will be moving on the 15th...what areas do you work in? I would love for you to continue with Isabel… I can tell she enjoys you... and you are great with her."
C. Vincoli

"Colette, you are wonderful! Thank you so much! I will definitely be calling you again. Thanks again. Happy New Year!"
R. Beluk

"Thank you Colette, we got home and Sophie was very excited!"
P. Artigas

"Desiree and Beso, 'We think you are awesome!'"
D. Ortiz

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Telephone: 347.743.3492

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